About us

How it all begun

It started with an idea to create another medium for artwork, then the next problem we had to find out how we were going to achieve it.

Founders, Serena and Kirsty, were very busy mothers with three young children each. Ten years ago, they came up with the idea along with great determination and enthusiasm to create a business that would work around there children. With a huge range of there own children's artwork the ideas started.

They quickly saw the opportunity in a very reliable process known as Dye Sublimation for transferring artworks and photographs onto ceramic tiles and other products. After approaching a number of artists with the idea immediately a group of photographers began to be part of the Naturally Gifted team. Some have helped by allowing the use of their images for Naturally Gifted to sell as a standard range and others have begun to retail their images on tiles produced specially for them.

Following months of research, trials and many late nights in a cold garage and burning the midnight oil, the technique, production process, supply lines and total business process have been firmly established.

There are a number of photographers and artists committed to the business and process.

Many happy clients include, Artists, Schools, Corporate, Kindergartens, People and Pet memorials, Weddings and even owners of Car clubs. It is limitless to what you can use these for.

The past eight years Serena has been the sole owner of the business and has made some amazing and different products such as school murals, Fundraising project, Serena made large tiles using artist artwork on them which were inserted in the walls of the new Shelly Beach Toilet block. New products using the same technique have been used and turned into stunning gifts.

If you have a space or idea where you want to create an impact or need an original fundraising tool please contact us and we will work together with you to create it.

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